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Should Small Businesses Pay For Facebook Ads?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012


One of the biggest decisions a small business must make lies in the question of where to spend money. Advertising is necessary to get out in front of your audience, and in today’s time of social media there are more options than ever before. From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between even analyzing where to start with advertising can be time consuming and at times overwhelming.

First there was the Facebook fan page that businesses could set up for free–which is always nice–as a place to put information about their business and attempt to connect with their target market. One of the catches with Facebook fan pages is that you actually have to put forth the effort to get people to like your page & interact–not the worst scenario, but it can become a lot to deal with for an often busy small business owner. Now it has been announced that not all of the fans for your page may even be seeing the posts you take the time to post–instead Facebook now offers promoted posts that promise to be shown to more of your fans, at a fee.

In recent times with Facebook facing a few issues regarding their stock prices and the massive value drops after their initial public offering they now seem more focused then ever on paid marketing options, there has even been chatter about business fan pages having fees assessed, other than just for promoted posts. Fees for a business Facebook fan page would likely cause more than a few business owners to step back and look at how helpful their fan page has been in boosting business–putting Facebook marketing strategies in the bag of paid advertising along with phonebook ads.

Not only is Facebook talking about charging for business fan pages, they are also now trying to get businesses to advertise on the site. This may sound like a good idea and it does work for some businesses, but a Reuter’s poll taken over the summer showed that four out of five Facebook users have never purchased a product as a result of advertising or comments on the site. Regardless of if marketing products on Facebook works, the social media site is pushing the idea of its site leading to purchases with the addition of a new “collections” feature rolled out earlier this month in which fans of a page can “like”, “want”, or “collect” a brands product with the option to then purchase it. For now, this “collections” feature is free, so if you plan to give it a try this is probably the time–if past behavior is any sign, this new feature won’t remain free forever.

Relaunching Your Start-up’s Website?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Forbes recently posted an article with some great tips to remember when trying to relaunch your small business with a new website.

Put in the prep work. Be prepared when meeting with a design agency or freelancer. Have some idea of what you want. Don’t be sold on extras you don’t want or need.

Allocate a budget. Keep this budget in mind when getting quotes for your project. If you set one price in your head and the first quote is 4x that amount, get another quote. Also keep in mind that the larger the agency, the larger the price tag is generally. If you’re a small business or start-up and keeping the price at $5,000 or below is important, take that into consideration when looking for firms. A larger firm, has larger overhead.

Choose a designer. This step is important and talking with the actual designer before you commit is helpful. This will help make sure you’re both on the same page.

Keep communication organized.

Agree on payment terms.
 This could be a 50 percent upfront, 50 percent completion method, an hourly rate, or at some large firms a monthly retainer rate. As Jason Sadler’s Forbes article notes, “the last thing you want is a bill, two months after your new site launches for $1,000 in web hosting and maintenance”.

Think of your audience. Keep your current website audience in the loop about your new website design. This is an excellent tidbit to share with your mailing list, Facebook, Twitter followers, etc. If you don’t have these outlets established yet, you may want to consider starting to build these areas along with your new website.

Expect the unexpected. There may be a few bumps along the way, but in the end you will have a brand new website for your existing and future clients.

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Small Business Challenge-Daily Candy

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Sometimes all your small business needs is a little extra help. Competitions for the next great plan are always happening. This one from Daily Candy offers to give one grand prize winner the chance to speak with numerous mentors within the creative industry.

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